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​JCP Services, LLC....Going the Extra Yard

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​Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm


Service Area

​Northern Ohio

Documentation Review

-Detailed review of system documentation (i.e. )manuals, procedures, work instructions, forms) for content and compliance with legal & other requirements (EPA, OSHA, NFPA, ISO, etc).  Changes made electronically to expedite the updating and approval of documentation.  A report summarizing the changes, to be used a a revision history, is also available.


Compliance Assessments

-Have a set of requirements that you are unsure of your compliance, we can help with that.  We offer the option to utilize your internal documentation or our own.  We will assess your organization against your current obligations as well as others that have the potential to apply.

Internal Audits

-Need a person or organization that is independent of your organization or processes, for internal audits, we have your solutions.  We are able to conduct audits of your system, ensuring that impartiality is not compromised.  We are able to utilize your organization's current audit documents or our own.  We will clearly define the scope and criteria of the audit so your 3rd party certification body doesn't question the effectiveness of your internal audits.

​Corrective Actions

-Have an issue with your management system that needs investigated and corrected?  We have years of experience in helping organization's determine the root cause of their system deficiencies.  We utilize methods such as a simple 5-Why Analysis to a more complex 8-D program.

System Implementation

-Our 10+ years of experience with management systems has enabled us to find the right system management system for your organization.  We can develop systems that follow a formally written program that includes procedures and work instructions to a more advanced system that take advantage of today's technologies (i.e. ERP systems, SharePoint, OneDrive).  We also have extensive experience with mobile technology allowing you to avoid the need to print documents to record data to be used as a means to manage your system.